We live in a society where the backgrounds, history, and behaviors of individuals who have engaged in problematic sexual behavior often result in stigma and fear.

The goal of treatment at the Institute for Sexual Wellness (ISW) is to create safer communities by improving clients’ wellbeing, promoting healthy sexuality, and decreasing sexual recidivism. ISW works to prevent sexual violence through a joint focus on rehabilitation and risk management. Effective management of individuals with problematic sexual behaviors includes collaboration with key stakeholders within the criminal justice system and other agencies. ISW provides consultation, expert testimony and training on the local, state, and national levels.  ISW works to address individual treatment needs while supporting law enforcement, judicial, and healthcare sectors as well as the greater community.

Locations in Weymouth, MA and Nashua, NH

We provide evidence based treatment for Sexual Addiction

The Institute provides
consultation, expert testimony and training
to these sectors on the local, state and national levels.


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