We live in a society where the backgrounds, history and behaviors of individuals, who have previously committed sexual offenses, often, result in stigma, fear and unfair treatment. Understanding these dynamics, we work not only to meet each individual's treatment needs, but also to use our resources and reputation to educate the law enforcement, judicial and healthcare sectors, as well as the greater community.

The Institute provides consultation, expert testimony and training to these sectors on the local, state and national levels. The goal of treatment at the Institute for Sexual Wellness is to create safer communities by decreasing sex offender recidivism.

Recent Updates

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ISW Welcomes 2 New Psychologists with Expertise in Sex Offender Treatment

Kaitlyn Peretti, PsyD. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in sexual violence prevention through the treatment, evaluation, and management of adult sex offenders. Dr. Peretti has over 10 years of clinical experience with this population and has provided clinical services for survivors and perpetrators of sexual violence. Brooke Berard, Psy.D. is a forensically-trained licensed psychologist with experience and focus on the prevention of sexual violence. Dr. Berard is currently the Director of Treatment and Assessment at the MA Department of Correction Treatment Center, a correctional facility housing Sexually Dangerous Persons and other sexual offenders in Bridgewater, MA.